Brixton Murals

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore–
And then run?

Christine Thomas' Big Splash, Glenelg Road, Brixton, Lambeth, SW9

Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over–
like a syrupy sweet?

Stephen Pusey's Brixton Academy Mural, Brixton Academy, Stockwell Park Walk, Brixton, Lambeth, SW9

Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.

London Wall Public Art's Bellefields Road Mural 2, Bellefields Road, Brixon, Lambeth, SW9

Or does it explode?

Brian Barnes and Dale McCrea's Nuclear Dawn, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, Lambeth, SW9

From Langston Hughes’ A Dream Deferred (1926)


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